Annemieke and Hendrik had a most wonderful meeting with the co-founders of the WTM Switzerland Centre, Christoph and Birthe. It was a most fruitful and inspiring exchange of experiences with Jeremy’s work and the work of the WTM in bringing it to the people.

WTM Switzerland founders, Christoph and Birthe, and WTM Netherlands founders, Annemieke and Hendrik

Jeremy Griffith’s ability to think truthfully about the human condition allowed him to finally explain the psychology behind the politically correct culture of the Left, which is the insight that has been desperately needed to disempower the Left’s madness. This article has gone viral.
Read the article here.

The Spectator article by Jeremy Griffith


Annemieke Akker has been hard at work translating Freedom Essays 1-4 and 14 after her absolutely brilliant effort to produce — with the indispensable and unceasing help of her husband and Dutch WTM Centre co-founder Hendrik Riksen — a translated version of biologist Jeremy Griffith’s book Transform Your Life And Save The World (download the PDF). Their tireless enthusiasm for this world-saving information is an inspiration!

  • Annemieke Akker working on her computer translating the Freedom Essays
  • Print-out page with thumbnails of Freedom Essays by Jeremy Griffith